Mrinali Kamath

About the Speaker

Mrinali is a Design Director for Ford Model E’s safety and security team. She’s currently working on building a vision for the future of mobility that helps customers feel safe on the road by leveraging new sensing capabilities and intelligent insurance.

Prior to joining Ford, she gained valuable experience at Amazon’s Devices innovation lab and IBM Cloud design team. With over 7 years of industry experience working with innovative companies across the globe, including San Francisco, Austin, Barcelona, Mumbai, and Bangalore, Mrinali has developed a deep understanding of designing user experiences that are human-centric, technically feasible, and business viable.

Her philosophy as a leader has been to apply the same skills that made her an effective contributor to her new role as a leader. This includes bringing in a sense of curiosity and empathy towards serving her team and bringing out the best in her team while aligning with goals of the business. In addition to her professional achievements, Mrinali is an active mentor to budding UX designers. She is a public speaker, having presented at Remote Design Week, SXSW, and Awwwards Learning Academy. Mrinali has an M.A. in Interaction Design and a degree in Product and Interface Design.

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