Code of Conduct

DesignX is a community of designers within various disciplines, at all levels of experience, that come together to support professional growth, share best practices, collaborate and connect with the local design community, and strengthen your network.

As a community member, you are required to help build and maintain a safe, diverse, and welcoming environment for all. DesignX requires everyone to abide by our Code of Conduct to

Slack Guidelines

DesignX’s Slack groups (Canada, USA, and Europe) are inclusive online environments to initiate discussions, debate, and seek/provide feedback to empower and grow each member and the community overall. The organizing team commits significant effort to curate quality members so please be considerate and respectful with one another. Disagreements can happen but please refrain from personal attacks and/or overly aggressive, toxic behaviour.

Respectful Etiquette
Membership in the DesignX Slack group is a privilege, not a right. Admins reserve the right to remove folks who are reported for impropriety. Admins can limit members leveraging the platform for the purpose of pushing traffic over to initiatives and events that are not aligned with DesignX’s goals and values.

Confidentiality and Privacy

We don’t ask group members to sign an NDA to join so please assume responsibility for the privacy of your content accordingly. Make sure your IP and other confidential information is protected. Before sharing files or documents, use Chatham House Rule as the guideline:

Participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

Self Promotion
Got design work you’d like to promote? We encourage you to share your work, articles, and initiatives but we ask that you actively engage and contribute to the community as well. Engage as you would like to be engaged with.

Reach Out 
We’re here to support you. Send us your feedback. Request posting guidelines, if you’re not sure. Ask us to post something on your behalf (anonymity) if your employer is in the community and you’re nervous about posting. You can even email us complaints about the Slack group or our events – we’re always looking to improve.

Events Guidelines

DesignX requires that everyone abide by our Code of Conduct at IRL events as well.


  • Please arrive on time to avoid interrupting event progress after it begins
  • If you can no longer attend an event, please arrange for a ticket transfer to someone else in the community who would benefit from attending. If unable, please reach out to the team at to find out how we can help to make that spot available.
  • Be inclusive and friendly. If you see another attendee behaving in an otherwise manner, please let a DesignX team member know so we can take care of it immediately.
  • We do our best to make sure venues are accessible – if you have any particular needs or require aisle seating, please share your concerns at so we can properly accommodate you


  • Please arrive on time to make sure all slides and AV requirements are set up correctly
  • Technical dry runs are welcomed – please book a one-hour session with Preet Singh, one week in advance
  • Slides must be submitted one week in advance to verify content is inclusive, accessible, and relevant to the event at hand
  • Presentations may include one intro slide to summarize employer company – no sales pitches allowed

Food and Beverages

  • DesignX will always provide nut/gluten/dairy-free alternatives in refreshment options
  • Please notify us of dietary restrictions ahead of time to make sure there will be enough alternatives for you at
  • There may be alcohol present at events – please drink responsibly