Levon Sharrow

About the Speaker

Unrelenting empathy & observational curiosity have been the major pillars in my design approach. I could tell you about who I’ve worked for in the past, but you could visit my LinkedIn profile for all of that stuff. I’m focused on the intersection of design, environmental and humanitarian impact. Design for people and planet. Through my work and volunteering, I’ve had the opportunity to broaden my understanding of unique cultures, perspectives, and the interconnectedness of our design decisions as individuals and leaders.

When I’m not inside creating, I’m outside moving. My first ‘mountain’ was a converted garbage dump, my first skatepark a pad of concrete in an old hay barn. At the end of the day, I like to walk my dog, listen to my records and keep it simple.

Design Leadership Summit 2024 Levon Sharrow, Patagonia


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