Metrics for Impact: Elevating Design in the Business Landscape

About the Speaker

Susanne Junglas is a visionary leader in all areas of digital, human-centred design and, as Experience Design Director at denkwerk – one of Germany’s top digital agencies – fosters a high-performing team of service, UX and business designers. With more than two decades of trailblazing experience in various design fields, her expertise includes design strategy, customer experience, system thinking, research and futures thinking. She is pioneering a new era of innovation and human-centred experiences, setting the stage for transformational leaps forward in the digital landscape for her clients.

About the Session

Effective use of metrics offers a compelling way to highlight the importance and impact of design in business. Too often, design is associated only with branding and usability, even though designers today influence a wide range of business innovations. We show how a sophisticated but simple system of metrics and key indicators, based on qualitative and quantitative data, can be built and maintained across different areas of the business. These metrics are critical to clearly quantify the impact of design on user experience, business success and the environment.

The framework we developed has already been applied by various clients and presented several times within the community via workshops and talks at conferences and media formats (Interaction 23 Zurich, Redux IXDA Berlin, W&V Podcast, LinkedIn Live Event, Service Design Global Conference 23 Berlin, PUSH UX Munich).

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