Monday, January 29, 1:00 PM

Design Leadership Fundamentals Masterclass

About the Workshop

When designers become design leaders, they often don’t realize that the skills that got them there aren’t the skills that will carry them forward.

To be a great designer is to be a remarkable craftsperson and problem-solver. To be a great design leader is to excel at these four Archetypes: Coach (managing down, getting the most out of the team); Diplomat (managing across; ensuring design’s voice in the process); Champion (managing up; handling executives and stakeholders); and Architect (managing the team as it scales).

In this masterclass, we’ll dig into each of these archetypes, discussing practices and mindsets that will help you succeed within each. This class is a facilitated conversation among peers. Peter will provide brief presentations to set the table, and then lead a discussion to find out your challenges, your successes, and take advantage of collective intelligence to better enlighten us all.

Each Archetype also comes with an assessment tool for grading yourself, and then your team, afterward.

Design Leadership Summit 2024 Peter Merholz, Humanism at Scale


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