Shipra Kayan
Talk brief
Many of us in the design community have been reluctant to embrace the trend towards remote work and remote orgs. Design teams rely heavily on whiteboards, brainstorms, critiques, design studios and labs to build cohesively. However, realistically, each of us will likely have managed a distributed team within the next decade if we aren’t managing one today. Through my experiences building remote teams at Upwork, as well as my current practice where I run design workshops for distributed teams, I have realized some frameworks that can help us navigate this new world.
About the Speaker
Shipra Kayan has been a UX strategist for over 15 years and has facilitated over 100 remote design workshops. Most recently she was UX Director at Upwork, leading the company’s transition towards embracing design thinking and design sprints as part of the product development process. She now helps distributed product and design teams collaborate effectively by facilitating design studios and sprints.

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