Amy Thibodeau, Anne Purves & Peter Merholz
Talk brief
About the Speaker
Amy Thibodeau is the UX Director for Shopify's App and Partner Platform where she leads a team of designers, researchers, and content strategists. Previously she worked with Shopify's foundations team and championed the launch of the Polaris design system. Amy comes from a content design and writing background and was one of the first content strategists on Facebook's product design team. She lives in Toronto with her husband and tiny dog Gus. <br><br> Anne Purves is the Director of Design Operations at Pinterest. She has not only shaped the role of ops within the organization, but has also championed design through the rapid growth of the company. Anne has also found a way to introduce “process” into cross functional teams and not have people revolt. Prior to Pinterest, Anne hailed from both agency (Method SF) and product worlds (Jawbone) where she had in-depth experience working with a variety of clients and complex design challenges. She lives with her husband and son in San Francisco. <br><br> Peter Merholz has been active in digital design and product for 25 years, most notably in building premier user experience consultancy, Adaptive Path, and now a design executive and product leader. He co-wrote Org Design for Design Orgs (O’Reilly), the first book focused on the organizational, managerial, and operational challenges of building in-house design teams.

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