Dan Winterberg
Talk brief
We all recognize that when Design, Engineering and Product work together as three legs of the same stool—great things happen. But what if your design team is in an org that hasn’t historically leaned on design, and is mired in “just make it look pretty” execution-mode? How do you get from that swampy slog to a happy rainbow ice cream world—where Design can bring thoughtfulness and value to the products they’re crafting? There isn’t an easy fix, but there is a path. Dan shares his framework for thinking intentionally about that path, and where to focus your energy as a leader throughout the journey. And through a combination of process, collaboration, and culture—shift teams from pixel-pushers to strategic partners.
About the Speaker
Dan is a Design Director at Salesforce in San Francisco—leading design for Salesforce’s SaaS suite on lil’ screens. His work has ranged from designing complex systems at scale for Fortune 100 companies to helping startups define delightful user-centered products. He enjoys learning about the people, patterns and processes that come together to inform a well-designed and approachable product. Prior to joining Salesforce, Dan designed products and services at Apple, Fitbit and Cooper (now DesignIt). Dan has shared his passion for design by teaching User Experience Design, Persona Creation and Design Leadership courses with Cooper Professional Education— and has spoken at to designers and aspiring designers at IxDA, General Assembly, and the University of California, Berkeley.

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