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State of Design Leadership

TUESDAY, NOV. 5 | 4:00 PM

How do you lead design when what you’re building has never been invented before? Or how do you ensure your team stays motivated through big organizational changes? The answer falls somewhere between admitting you don’t know what you’re doing and creating a vision for what you could be. In this talk leading product designer Tanner Christensen will share his experience designing for the future of transportation, around AI and machine learning, and how leaders—at any stage in their career—can use tried-and-true levers to help inspire, motivate, and propel their teams forward through all forms of uncertainty.

About the Speaker

Tanner Christensen is a leading product designer, developer, author, and co-founder of Currently at Lyft, Tanner designs software to help build autonomous vehicles. Previously he helped lead design at Atlassian and Facebook before that. He’s the author of The Creativity Challenge, an independent developer behind some of today’s top creativity apps, founder of Creative Something, and a global design advisor.

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Tanner Christensen

Product Design, Lyft

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