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Using Stories to Lead Product Teams

MONDAY, NOV. 4 | 11.30 AM

As humans, we’re hardwired to be social, and stories help us forge relationships. They inspire and compel us in ways other mediums can’t. But as leaders, where our primary job is to communicate and rally our teams, storytelling is an integral skill that enables us to connect with our colleagues and peers. So gather round, folks! Let’s dive into the power of stories and how to use them to build incredible experiences.

About the Speaker

Davis has almost 20 years of product design experience. She’s worked at a variety of companies including IBM and Shopify.

In her current role as a Design Leader at Manulife, she advocates for and executes user and customer-facing strategies with executives and product teams. When not designing, she’s either swimming, eating nachos or being inspired by her two daughters.

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Davis Neable

UX Director, Manulife

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