🗓 3:00 PM EST, December 6th

Accessibility-driven design

Kate Kalcevich, 
Head of Accessibility Innovation, Fable

About the Speaker

Kate Kalcevich is the Head of Accessibility Innovation at Fable, a leading accessibility testing platform powered by people with disabilities. Kate has championed accessibility since 2001. She is an IAAP Certified Web Accessibility Specialist and former UX designer and front-end developer. Kate herself has a hearing disability and is currently focused on delivering custom accessibility training to help teams upskill on accessibility.

About the Session

The choices that shaped Ontario.ca's design were based on an accessibility-first mindset. This case study will explain how fonts and colours were chosen based on the need for readability and contrast for people with disabilities, the challenges faced in getting buy-in, and the mistakes made along the way.


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