🗓 11:00 AM EST, December 7th

Getting Loud: How Bias Impacts Voice

Eiko Kawano, 
Director of Product Design, Loblaw Digital

About the Speaker

Eiko is known for using design to bring people together, and for her multi-faceted background across experience strategy, research and UX design. Eiko is currently a Director of Product Design at Loblaw Digital, where she leads the user experience for online grocery. Eiko was Jury President for the D&AD Digital Design category in 2022, presented at the 3% Conference in 2020, and is published in a number of retail journals. When she's not thinking about groceries Eiko writes fiction, and is currently working on a novel.

About the Session

"Speak up! We want to hear from you more." "You need to be more assertive." "You really should have said something." Many of us have heard these types of statements at some point in our careers. But for some, getting comfortable being loud isn't purely about building confidence - it's about overcoming years of bias. In this talk, we'll discuss the myth of the "Model Minority", how it impacts the voices of those in the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, and what we can do about it. (This talk is based on an article I wrote earlier this year: https://medium.com/loblaw-digital/journeys-in-leadership-how-bias-impacts-voice-59894bcacfd)


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