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Transforming Organizations: Courage, Candor, and Cleaning Up

TUESDAY, NOV. 5 | 10.00 AM

Does your culture get in the way of creating great experiences? Is your organization watering down design? Hear from two seasoned leaders who have repeatedly led organizations to become more design and customer-centric. Daniela and Kaaren will share candid stories of what worked, what didn’t – and what they wished they’d known 10+ years ago.

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Daniela Jorge

VP, Global Design & Research, PayPal

About the Speaker

Daniela Jorge is the Vice President of Global Design and User Research at PayPal leading a team responsible for creating experiences for Venmo, Xoom, and PayPal products through deep customer understanding and exceptional design.

Previously, she was Vice President of Digital Design and UX at AT&T and a Sr. Director of Design at eBay. Daniela has also held leadership roles at Intuit and Yahoo! and helped to shape the online experience at companies such as Kaiser Permanente and Kodak.

She is also a member of the Board of Directors at BayBrazil.

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Kaaren Hanson

EVP, Experience Design, Wells Fargo

About the Speaker

As a design executive, Kaaren Hanson builds robust design teams and creates customer-centered, collaborative environments. Kaaren is obsessed with emotion and how companies can exceed customers’ expectations. Kaaren joined Wells Fargo as EVP of Experience Design in 2019. Previously, she led teams at Facebook and Medallia, where she and her team re-imagined the flagship products, improved user experience by 200%, and introduced UX Excellence initiatives to improve design quality across the organization.

Before that, Kaaren led Intuit’s transformation to become a design-driven company with dramatic improvements in the customer experience and innovation culture. While at Intuit, Kaaren was recognized with two CEO leadership awards, and her success was noted in various media such as Bloomberg Businessweek, Harvard Business Review, Creative Confidence (Kelly & Kelly), and Scaling Excellence (Sutton & Rao). Kaaren holds a BA from Clark University and a PhD from Stanford University.

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